Kelly Breedlove, Gods and Monsters, 2017, photography, mixed media, and resin on panel, 48x66 inches


Kelly Breedlove: Witness Marks

ON VIEW: September 23 - November 4,, 2017

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, September 23, 6 – 9 PM

Kelly Breedlove is a photo based mixed media artist born and raised in rural Georgia. He is a 1989 graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology. He grew up surrounded by a unique southern cowboy culture and inherited a love of snapshot photography from his mother. Much of his work starts with photos from her private collection. Using personal family photos as a beginning, Breedlove’s work reconciles childhood memories with intricate adult relationships and emotions.  He has exhibited his work in numerous group shows in Atlanta and is included in many private collections around the South.


Witness Marks are created when objects contact or rub up against each other leaving clues to one object’s effect on another. It’s a term used in engineering circles to describe wear and tear on mechanical systems. This rich metaphor of time passed by, histories lost and reclaimed and the use of re-contextualized photographs are the basis for Witness Marks. Through the use of hand painted and altered photography this body of work deals with witness marks created by complex family relationships. By curating, altering and “marking “ Breedlove Family photos as well as found photographs, Breedlove bears witness to the impact of personal and social relationships revealing the scars, stains and histories that creates.