Samantha Keely Smith, Issue, 2015, oil on canvas with varnish, 60 x 72 inches

All Tomorrow's Parties

Inaugural Exhibition – Second Installation

ON VIEW: June 16 – August 13, 2016

RE-HANG RE-CEPTION: Thursday, June 16, 6 – 9 PM (complimentary valet parking)


Atlanta, Georgia – Hathaway Contemporary is pleased to announce the re-hang and second state of its inaugural exhibition, All Tomorrow's Parties, featuring over 30 artists from the art-centric communities of Atlanta and Brooklyn. Due to the scope of the exhibition, All Tomorrow's Parties is being re-installed in a second curatorial variation midway through its duration. A number of new works by this impressive and distinct group of artists will be on view beginning June 16 through the exhibition’s closing on August 14. 

All Tomorrow’s Parties showcases both emerging and established artists ranging in age from 24 to 92 years old. Many have already exhibited in both cities, and for those who have not, we hope this exhibition will serve as a first step in building a bridge between the artistic communities of Atlanta and Brooklyn. This platform will serve as an incubator and support for art making, which embraces our cities' commonalities and creates dialogue around our differences. The exhibition brings together the socially conscious works of Arnold Mesches, Sheila Pree Bright, and Pam Longobardi, the large scale abstractions of Whitney Wood Bailey, Chris Martin, and Brenda Goodman, the figurative expressionist paintings of Jim Herbert and Todd Bienvenu, the delicate patterning of Glenn Goldberg and Brenda Rehrig, and the intimate works on paper of William Downs and Jessica Scott Felder.

In its “second state,” the exhibition highlights the work of New York artists Samantha Keely Smith, Fran O’Neill, and Levan Mindiashvili, currently exhibiting at Lodge Gallery in the Lower East Side. The re-installation will also include works by Ridley Howard, Shara Hughes and Andy Piedilato, who have roots in Georgia and have found great success in New York. Additionally, HDC will present a selection of artist interviews from the art documentary project Gorky’s Granddaughter, created by New York-based filmmakers Zachary Keetin and Christopher Joy. All Tomorrow's Parties is a celebration of the shared artistic connections, and those to come, between some of the most compelling artistic viewpoints in Atlanta, Brooklyn, and beyond.


Featured artists: Davion Alston, Whitney Wood Bailey, Todd Bienvenu, Sanford Biggers, Barbara Brenner, Farrell Brickhouse, Richmond Burton, Holly Coulis, Paul D’Agostino, Mary Devincentis, Thornton Dial, William Downs, Austin Eddy, Jessica Scott Felder, John Folsom, Courtney Garrett, Glenn Goldberg, Brenda Goodman, Maxine Hess, Jim Herbert, Sharon Horvath, Ridley Howard, Shara Hughes, David Humphrey, Elizabeth Livingston, Pam Longobardi, Eric Mack, Chris Martin, Arnold Mesches, Levan Mindiashvili, Loren Munk, Fran O’Neill, Andy Piedilato, Sheila Pree Bright, Brenda Rehrig, Karen Schwartz, Samantha Keely Smith, Alexi Worth