PULSE Miami Beach 2017

HATHAWAY is proud to announce our participation in Pulse Miami Beach 2017. The gallery’s booth will feature works by Atlanta-based artists Scott Ingram and Christina A. West.

Scott Ingram has been exhibiting for more than 20 years including gallery and museum exhibitions around the U.S. as well as Spain and Canada. He is a two time Hudgens Prize finalist and a Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia, 2014 Working Artist Prize winner. His work has been collected by numerous private and corporate collections, as well as the High Museum of Art, and MOCA GA. Scott lives and produces his work in Atlanta, GA.

Scott has a diverse practice that includes painting, drawing, sculpture, collage as well as producing furniture and design products. All are connected by Ingram’s process of abstracting the real, reducing his subjects to their most essential elements, which he reflects in a combination of color and line. Modernist architecture is one of his favorite subjects as he deconstructs its forms to the most essential elements. Cast concrete, cinder blocks, steel I-beams, glass: materials that were so essential to the period become the subject matter as well as the material vocabulary of his practice. Modernist designers also come under his scrutiny as he studies their sinuous, aerodynamic lines. While his admiration for his Modernist predecessors is evident, Ingram’s work is often infused with irreverent humor, particularly in his use of materials. In his hands, a solid concrete block can turn into foam, a line drawing can be made out of nail polish, and the facade of a house can be covered in automobile paint. In this transformation, Ingram solidly roots his work in the present. 

Christina A. West earned her BFA from Siena Heights University (Adrian, MI) and her MFA from Alfred University (Alfred, NY). She extensively exhibits her work across the United States in venues such as the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha, NE), Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center (Buffalo, NY), Plug Projects (Kansas City, MO), and Atlanta Contemporary (Atlanta). Christina’s work has been supported by awards from the New York Foundation for the Arts, The Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts, The Clay Studio-Philadelphia, the George Sugarman Foundation, and the Southeastern College Art Conference. Christina is an Associate Professor of Art at Georgia State University.

West is an Atlanta based artist who makes figurative objects and installations. Her work is rooted in an interest in the limits of what we can know about other people given that we never have direct access to their interiority. Her recent Unmet series is comprised of portrait busts that are cast with multiple colors in their interiors. The faces of the figures are carved away, excavating strata of color that present unpredictable shapes and patterns. The interiors allude to cross-sections seen in anatomy books, while also suggesting something about the complexity of character and psychology that make others so mysterious.


Founded in 2005, PULSE Contemporary Art Fair is an established part of the annual art calendar and is recognized for providing its international community of emerging and established galleries with a dynamic platform for connecting with a global audience. PULSE offers visitors an engaging environment in which to discover and collect the most compelling contemporary art being produced today. In 2016, after twelve years of providing a platform for the international art community in New York, PULSE Contemporary Art Fair decided to focus solely on the evolution of the Miami Beach edition. PULSE360 was launched in 2017, furthering PULSE's mission by bringing together an inclusive community for year-round experiences centered around art and culture.