Untitled (white rubber), 2017, white nitrile on wood panel, 60 x 48 in


Kirstin Mitchell: Midnight at the Oasis

ON VIEW: June 8 – July 11, 2017

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, June 8, 6 – 9 PM 

Kirstin Mitchell is a multi-media artist living in Atlanta, GA. In 2017, Mitchell has shown at University of Georgia and been selected as a highlight in Art in America for an experimental studio exhibition during her Eyedrum Studio Fellowship. She performed a solo show at the Atlanta Contemporary in March 2016, and has performed with the support of the Franklin Furnace Fund and the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival. She has shown in galleries and art centers in Atlanta, New Orleans, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and internationally in Austria and Italy. Mitchell's work has also been reviewed in Art Papers and Flash Art magazines.


I am curious about the process of inhabiting space. After years of performance based work and making environments in which to embody, I am turning my attention towards creating the atmosphere itself. The “Gradients” are a daily practice in the subtle energies. They elicit from the viewer a visceral connection which could either calm or excite the body. They form an infinite horizon line. In addition to these airy landscapes, I am playing with sculptures made from quirky materials and shapes that interrupt or harmonize with the landscape. These compositions make the subtle energies more complex and we begin to play with not only surface tension, but with how our own bodies and psyches wish to participate.