Maxine Hess

Maxine Hess is a mixed media artist whose mixed media fabric collages are a feminist reclaiming of what traditionally has been seen as women’s work. Her practice is fueled by deeply personal and psychological reflections of personal stories, feminist concerns, and socio-political issues. Like Hannelore Baron, she uses material scraps, unfinished, fraying pieces of fabrics that have a history, their own stories blend with hers to tell about pain, hope and the human condition. More recently Hess has incorporated encaustic and video in her work to continue to explore feminist themes.

Hess completed her initial studies at Boston University School of Fine and Applied Arts and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Atlanta College of Art. She earned an M. Ed. in Adult Education and Ph.D. in Human Resource Development. Hess’ work has been shown nationally and internationally and is in several private collections. Thomas Micchelli stated in HyperAllergic about Hess’ mixed media collage, Beauty Equals Power: “There is a sense of childhood play - the joy of constructing an imaginary world out of cut paper - coupled with a devil-may-care attitude about the decidedly unserious.”